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Reglazing Steps
filter_1Inspect surface for defects (chips or cracks) and type of porcelain.
filter_2 Clean surface with industrial cleaners to remove soap, dirt, scale, water deposits and oil.
Repair defects in surface. Smooth and level out the surface.
Fill in chips and holes with Glass-white filler.
filter_3Cover surrounding area with paper. To protect areas around the fixtures and the rest of the room from the glaze.
filter_4Apply six coats of the chemical bonding base coat to the unit to ensure adhesive of the topcoats.
filter_5Apply four coats of the custom coloured top coat for shine and brilliance.
Either bake out surface and same day after eight hours or dry naturally and use the next 30 hours.

notifications_none  The above processes may vary from different projects and for reference only, the final decision is made by Colourtone Ltd.